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The Course

“The changes have achieved a great boost to the challenge of this golf course. The improvements have created an opportunity for a real challenge if the course is played from the back tees, while the introduction of different tees (championship, members, seniors and ladies) will allow all levels of golfers to participate in competitions.

The whole feel of the course has been modernised with shaping (fairways, grassy mounds, bunkers, trees and rocky water hazards) all adding a visual, as well as a challenging flow to the course.”

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  East Course Scorecard 1-18 (1.1 MiB, 7,347 hits)

  North Course Scorecard 19-27 and 1-9 (1.4 MiB, 3,181 hits)

  South Course Scorecard 10-18 and 19-27 (992.1 KiB, 2,839 hits)

  HGC Course Layout (4.3 MiB, 23,417 hits)

Hole # 1

Par : 4 Distances
Yellow 339
White 315
Blue 297
Red 270

This dogleg left hole has bunkers situated on both sides of the fairway. The ideal drive is to the right hand side of the fairway as this leaves a better angle to attack the two tier green which is nestled in amongst pine trees and guarded by pot bunkers on both sides.

Hole # 2

Par : 5 Distances
Yellow 499
White 466
Blue 426
Red 379

This double dogleg hole with a picturesque backdrop calls for a tee shot up the right hand side of the fairway. A lay-up short of the fairway bunkers leaves a fairly easy approach shot to a multi tiered green.

Hole # 3

Par : 4 Distances
Yellow 425
White 393
Blue 343
Red 338

This hole, the longest par 4 on the course, has perfectly placed fairway bunkers to catch the big hitters. Hidden bunkers run down the left side of the fairway to a double green which is shared with the 12th hole which offers a great challenge due to its vast expanse.

Hole # 4

Par : 3 Distances
Yellow 182
White 165
Blue 128
Red 114

This par 3 in a lovely setting is well bunkered and has a 40m long elongated green making club selection critical.

Hole # 5

Par : 4 Distances
Yellow 388
White 357
Blue 315
Red 283

This tough par 4 has a double fairway. A drive coming to rest on the upper level provides a better view of the green while the lower level offering a more direct but demanding approach shot to an elevated, difficult green.

Hole # 6

Par : 5 Distances
Yellow 503
White 480
Blue 417
Red 398

The views of the bay from the tee of this hole are spectacular. Finding the fairway is imperative, anything less is presented with trouble as out of bounds looms on the right and one fairway bunker on the left. The backdrop of this hole is a majestic forest which casts shadows over the left to right sloping green making club selection very difficult.

Hole # 7

Par : 4 Distances
Yellow 425
White 370
Blue 338
Red 320

This holes plays as one of the most difficult on the course. A draw is called for off the tee to take the fairway bunkers on the right side of the fairway out of play. A fade into the undulating green is best to avoid the deep swales on the left.

Hole # 8

Par : 4 Distances
Yellow 375
White 329
Blue 307
Red 284

A well positioned drive is required on this beautiful par 4 hole. Even with the out of bounds on the left of the fairway and a green well guarded by a wildlife pond on the right and bunker to the left, this hole still presents birdie opportunities for the longer hitters.

Hole # 9

Par : 3 Distances
Yellow 155
White 142
Blue 123
Red 110

With bunkers surrounding the green and club selection being crucial the locals’ advice would be to “aim for the heart of the green and don’t worry about where the pin is positioned!”

Hole # 10

Par : 4 Distances
Yellow 374
White 342
Blue 320
Red 302

This dogleg right requires a drive aimed at the bunker on the left side of the fairway from where an accurate second is needed to avoid the bunkers on both the left and right sides of the green.

Hole # 11

Par : 5 Distances
Yellow 485
White 433
Blue 407
Red 375

This is the signature hole of the course. Players need to negotiate their way through a channel of mature trees to get to the green. A pot bunker is situated just short of the green ready to catch a wayward second shot to a four tier green protected by bunkers on the left and a perilous drop on the right.

Hole # 12

Par : 4 Distances
Yellow 385
White 360
Blue 325
Red 297

This stroke 2 hole looks innocuous but isn’t. The ideal tee shot is up the right hand side of the fairway. The key to playing this hole well is to hit a good approach shot to the elevated green protected by bunkers both front and back. Don’t be short!

Hole # 13

Par : 3 Distances
Yellow 178
White 156
Blue 128
Red 110

Magnificent views are available from the many teeing options this hole provides. Water guards the green on the right and a large bunker on the left provides for an intimidating tee shot often made more difficult by the prevailing wind.

Hole # 14

Par : 4 Distances
Yellow 329
White 324
Blue 297
Red 270

This deceptive hole holds lots of trouble for the big hitter. Humps on both sides of the fairway have been cunningly positioned making the channel that leads to the green very narrow, miss this channel and trouble welcomes you with open arms. The approach to this green should err on the short side as trouble awaits over the back of the green.

Hole # 15

Par : 4 Distances
Yellow 394
White 329
Blue 302
Red 283

Tees are located within an environmentally sensitive area. A cluster of fairway bunkers on the right of the hole tend to force players to the left towards a long elongated fairway bunker. An undulating green is the only green on the course not protected by any bunkers.

Hole # 16

Par : 3 Distances
Yellow 187
White 151
Blue 142
Red 114

The mountain provides a superb backdrop to this deceptive short hole. A high floating iron is required so that the ball lands softly on the green. Cognisance of the wind needs to be taken as it can make this hole extremely testing.

Hole # 17

Par : 5 Distances
Yellow 490
White 452
Blue 411
Red 380

The tee shot on this par 5 is ideally played with a draw into the left hand side of the fairway which helps avoid the bunkers on the right. This then sets up a long second into a green, notorious in its lack of bite. The green slopes from back to front.

Hole # 18

Par : 4 Distances
Yellow 321
White 280
Blue 256
Red 246

This magnificent finishing hole offers a definite birdie opportunity for the long hitters who want to risk attempting to drive the green. The fairway is generous but a small multi-tiered green, guarded by a water hazard to the right and bunkers on either side and behind, offers plenty of trouble if the green is missed.

Hole # 19

Par : 4 Distances
Yellow 425
White   398
Blue 357
Red 329

Straight away Par 4 with a generously wide Fairway.  The Green is guarded by trees on the left and a bunker on the right.  A two tier Green that presents difficult to read putts from past the hole.

Hole # 20

Par : 4 Distances
Yellow 361
White 347
Blue 325
Red 290

A straight tee shot is essential to avoid trees left and right of the Fairway.  A tricky Green guarded by bunkers left and right requires an accurate mid- to short-iron approach.

Hole # 21

Par : 3 Distances
Yellow 142
White 124
Blue 116
Red 96

A shortish Par 3 uphill towards the mountain that has no bunkers.  The Green is guarded by swales left and right and calls for creative chip shots to save Par.

Hole # 22

Par : 5 Distances
Yellow 489
White 476
Blue 444
Red 425

A classic 3 shot Par 5.  The errant tee shot is gobbled up by the water hazards left and right.  Players should try to lay up to their favourite approach distance to a multi-tier Green guarded by a bird rich water hazard left and a swale and bunker on the right.  A classic hole.

Hole # 23

Par : 4 Distances
Yellow 343
White 329
Blue 293
Red 261

The tee shot needs to be positioned short of the water hazard crossing the Fairway leaving a medium to short iron to a Green with bunkers left and right.  The easier approach is from the right of the Fairway, but taking this line brings the water hazard into play.

Hole # 24

Par : 3 Distances
Yellow 148
White 139
Blue 127
Red 110

A delightful short hole with the Green shaped like the map of Africa and guarded by a pot bunker on the left.  If you are going to miss the Green, do it on the right as this leaves a much easier chip shot.

Hole # 25

Par : 4 Distances
Yellow 342
White 311
Blue 274
Red 252

A dogleg right with a pine forest and bunkers on the right.  An accurate tee shot leaves a mid- to short-iron approach to a narrow tricky Green with a nasty bunker on the left.  Putts from behind the flagstick must be carefully studied as the Green is very deceptive.

Hole # 26

Par : 4 Distances
Yellow 320
White 302
Blue 279
Red 251

Short, innocently looking Par 4.  Longer hitters can have a go at the Green, but the wise player will lay up to his favourite approached length as the severely undulating Green is more receptive to full shots than short pitches.  The Green is surrounded by a horseshoe shaped bunker and an ecological wetland preserve.

Hole # 27

Par : 5 Distances
Yellow 531
White 488
Blue 465
Red 434

The walk to the 27th tee takes one through an ecological area that is a riot of colour at certain times of the year.  Look out for sunbirds.  Definite risk and reward Par 5 with a generously wide Fairway to the advantage of the long hitter.  The lateral hazards left and right and the divided Fairway make calculated tactical decisions necessary.  The two-tier, well bunkered Green makes a great finish to a splendid golf hole.